Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm not really sure what it is about riding bikes that puts life into perspective. Does it bring me back to happy days of my childhood? Remind me of riding at the beach or teaching Mack how to ride his own? Not really sure, but there is something Magical about it. Mack and I have been riding our bikes a lot lately...
It really makes me happy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Ooh La La !There is love in the air...well for my sister that is...My Mom and I hosted a shower for her this past weekend. It was beautiful... we had 60 amazing guests,food and sugar galore! It was great to chat with old friends and family and to celebrate Morgan. The bridesmaids and friends performed a "27 dresses" runway show in awful dresses including My G-ma Peggy's wedding and prom dress and my Mom's wedding dress. It was a hoot. I am so excited for Ben and Morg's and can't wait until their wedding next month in Cabo!

The Beautiful Bride to be

The Bride to be and Maid of honor

let's do lunch...

Make a wish for the bride to be...

The adorable cake

The Crepe Makers

Hope's Fruit Topiarys

Me in my Mom's wedding dress from 1980

27 Dresses

Tiffany's of course

xoxox yah Morgs

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life's A Beach...

Nothing is better than spending a day with Mack at the beach!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Fun

Mack and I had a great Easter! He is such a lucky kid to have so many people that love him. He had a party at school with his friends, decorated eggs at his great- grandparents house, went to Irvine Park with Maga and Mom, was spoiled by the Easter Bunny, (Mom, G-pa and Maga, Hope and the girls across the street, His Autie Morgs and Uncle B)had Easter Egg Hunts, and Uncle B taught him how to hit a baseball with his new hitting machine. To say the less we had a blast!
His Eggs for his school party!
Mack and his school friends at their Easter Party
Ta Da! His masterpiece!
Mack and his Great G-pa Mackay
Decorating Eggs with the girl's nextdoor to Great G-ma and G-pa Mackay
Mack's Egg
Cruisin with the girls
Easter Egg Hunt at Irvine Park
Spider Man
Easter Morning Surprises
So excited about his new BBQ
The Easter Bunny even left eggs in the trees...
Learning to switch hit
Mack & his coach Uncle B
Mack and Maga
The Hunt

Best Easter Ever!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chivas Favorite Fan

My parents and I took Mack to the first Chivas game of the season. We had field passes and front row tickets(thanks Aaron) and our family friend, Dan Kennedy was playing too! Little did the Chivas Organization know that they would meet their newest and biggest fan. After the game we were able to hang with the VIPs where Mack played soccer with the son of National Team Coach and scored a pic with Goalie Dan Kennedy (his new soccer hero)!