Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bus + Beach = Best Fieldtrip Ever!

Mack's preschool class has been learning about Ocean animals this month and we were able to go down to Laguna Beach and see the Tidepools. It was a special day for the both of us... Early arrival, but excited about his first bus ride.

His fish paintings

Postcard Perfect day


Mack and Me

Mussels and Hermit crabs

Star fish

pretty big surf that day

Mack and his girl Gillian

Lovin it!

After the treacherous hikes through the pools


Great Day! Thanks Mack for letting me come along...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adventures at 46th Street

Slumber party at the beach house with Grandma, dinner at Ruby's on the Pier, 2 ferry rides in Balboa, breakfast at Wilma's,squirt guns with Grandpa, chilling with Uncle Parks,and Pizza and Pasta at Marios...
Life doesn't get any better! Mr. Mack
Being silly...
Sunset in H.B.
Boats in the harbor
Squirt guns
P Dizzle and Mr. Mack

We love California...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life after "The Big D!"

A dear old friend wrote me a letter today and her words were simple yet true. I quote her "I thought your life was perfect and mine was so flawed and I felt really sad." I responded that I knew my life before "The Big D" wasn't perfect, but I thought it was pretty good too! I actually really liked my house, my friends, my place in the world. I am doing fine in my new life, but there are difficulties after "The Big D"... I'm sort of going through a personal crisis. I used to know my place in this world as a wife and mother. I'm now struggling with the fact that I have to start over in areas where I was perfectly happy.I love being a mother especially to the most fabulous son in the whole world, but to be honest,it's hard not being a wife, even if you don't like the person you were at one time married to. After "The Big D" the word "Single" is like a 4 letter word. Right now it's the worst, but I'm surviving. There is a point to all of this... My dear old friend also wrote... "I just wish that people were more open about problems and hardships in life so that we all did not feel so inadequate in our own trials. Photos on Facebook and blogs and smiling faces when we see people are not always accurate reflections." So in response to her statement... I pledge to share honest feelings after "The Big D" along with all the happy moments!